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About South Bay Interfaith

Growing out of three decades of Interfaith Dialogues in the South Bay Area, a group of faith leaders joined together in 2005 to bring the joy of community-wide celebration to the public. South Bay Interfaith (SBIF) involved clergy, staff, and lay leaders from many religions, interfaith organizations, and faith-related educational institutions.

SBIF events were designed to be apolitical and non proselytizing. They were comfortable for anyone to enjoy, with the expressed purpose of bridging the gaps of understanding between people of faith. SBIF was dedicated to the proposition that people of good will can and do get along well together by engendering respect and a channel for the people to become involved with their community.




SouthBay InterfaithSouthbay Interfaith
For current information and events, see Silicon Valley Interreligious Council (SiVIC) |